Tree Removal

Remove trees with safety and precision

Removal of dead, dying and defective trees is a necessary part of landscape management. Such trees must be removed to protect your home and family. We can remove any sized tree safely and efficiently. We take special care when working on your property and ensure that all safety precautions are taken.

Our approach is a little different than other companies. We excel in the use of our crane whether it is removal of large, hazardous trees or removing just one limb hanging over your home. We know how to protect your property from neglectful damage. Our experience with all aspects of crane work is second-to-none. It’s safer, more efficient, and less expensive for our customers.

For your convenience, we can work directly with your insurance company if you should have a claim. You are assured of a quick response by the professionals at Centurion Tree Experts.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Large, dangerous trees may require the use of our 28-ton crane. Our crews have safely removed thousands of trees using this kind of equipment. Specialized equipment operated by skilled crews insures a faster, safer and less expensive alternative to manual removal. Instead of felling trees, we can section and lift them so they can be hauled away or neatly stacked at your convenience.

Our F750 Ford equipped with a 325hp Cummins diesel can haul a payload of 30 cubic yards of wood chips. Our 28-ton National Crane can remove 20,000 lbs of tree sections and logs.

Removing tree from home in Phoenix, MD

What happens after tree removal?

Many trees can be cut into sections and chipped with our heavy-duty wood-chipper machine, which is able to cut through sizable branches and some trunks. Tree trunks are typically hauled offsite, though they can be neatly stacked on site for firewood at the homeowner’s request.

Once the tree is removed, we usually recommend stump grinding if the stump is in your lawn. Stump grinding ensures the trunk is cut down below the grade of your lawn so it can be filled in and resown with grass seed to match your existing lawn.


chainsaw tree adjacent to home in Jarrettsville, MD
felling tree adjacent to home in bel air, md
removing tree adjacent to rancher home
dropping damaged tree in sections
removal of tree overgrown with ivy
removal of top section of tree with crane
removing top section of tree with tree crane
bracing tree with crane prior to felling tree
tree climber scaling tree for cutting
cutting up felled tree overtaken by ivy
chainsawing tree base for tree removal
Tree removal from back yard in Baltimore, MD
Cutting and removing tree in Fallston, MD
Tree removal from back yard in Baltimore, MD
Cutting and removing tree in Glen Arm, MD


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