Tree Inspection

IDENTIFY Tree Issues with a thorough tree inspection

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you have several trees on your property that may or may not need maintenance to keep them healthy and resistant to storms. For customers who are interested in having a professional arborist assess multiple trees on your property, we offer a Tree Inspection service.

The advantages of a tree inspection is that you become informed and positioned to be proactive with tree management and avoid costly damage and expensive work related to a clean-up work. In the long run, maintaining healthy trees in your property is much more cost-effective solution than reacting to unexpected incidents.

What is a Tree Inspection ?

A tree inspection means that we’re evaluating the structural integrity of multiple trees on your property (20-30 trees). There are many facets to tree health. We will look for structural integrity, appearance, stress and potential issues. We’re looking for weak branches and hollow trunks that could result in a tree fall or limb breakage in high winds. 

We consider the risks associated with damaged trees and how they could affect your property if the tree or a branch should fall. We’re also considering impact to other trees in cases of disease or infestation.

John inspecting damaged tree

What follows a tree inspection?

Ideally you will walk through the property with our arborist as the inspection occurs. During this inspection you will be shown issues that are discovered and recommendations will be provided to help you manage your trees the best way possible.  Recommendations could include simpler solutions, such as proactive management practices (fertilizer, insecticide, watering, mulching), or more active management practices such as pruning or cabling. 

Dangerous hollow Tree


john miley assessing damaged tree - Glen Arm, MD
hollow stump following tree removal
John Miley Inspecting diseased tree
hollow tree trunk - danger tree
rotted tree that split and fell
rotted and decayed tree that split

Trees Struck By Lightning

lightening struck tree prior to cutting
tree struck by lightning - prior to removal
tree damaged by lightening prior to removal
removing tree damaged by lightening


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