PRESERVE The Life of that beautiful tree

If you are worried about certain valuable healthy trees that may be susceptible to storms and high winds, cabling may be an appropriate treatment. Cabling is the utilization of cable supports to help brace weaker limbs and stabilize the trunk.

Trees with codominant stems have two or more main stems, roughly the same diameter, emerging from the same location on the main trunk. These trees can be healthy yet prone to splitting.

Tree cabling serves 3 purposes. It prevents and reduces limb failure on a healthy tree that may suffer from a weak union (crotch). It helps preserve an existing desirable tree that has aesthetic value to the property. And, it provides protection from a sudden limb break of a tree that’s over a structure or in a hazardous area to people, like a park, family yard or playground.

What is tree cabling?

Cabling is the installation of physical supports to weak branches and stems strengthens the tree and adds stability. During thunderstorms and high winds, cabling allows the upper portions of the tree to sway in unison, thus reducing stress on the lower portions of the tree.

An arborist will climb the tree to inspect the wood where the cables are to be installed. If they are healthy and structurally sound, the limb is bored and the cables are installed so that they are taught.


Tree Cabling Systems

Traditional Cabling. This technique utilizes braided steel wire rope and eye bolts, which are drilled into the tree. The cables are then installed and pulled tightly until they release tension on the existing branches

tree cabling system in branch
tree cabling system in tree
tree cabling eye hook in tree

Non-invasive Cabling.  We install the Cobra non-invasive tree cabling system. Non-invasive means we do not drill holes in the tree to install steel hardware or damage the tree in any way.

Instead, the Cobra system uses a breaded nylon material and heavy duty straps secured around the limbs and branches that supply the needed support. They can also be adjusted to allow for future growth and adjustment.

cabling of limb of Japanese maple
cabling of limb of Japanese Maple 2
noninvasive cabling of limb of Japanese maple 3
noninvasive cabling of limbs of Japanese Maple
noninvasive cabling of Japanese Maple limbs with straps


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