Stump Grinding

RESTORE YOUR LAWN to its natural grade After Tree service

If you’re planning on having a tree removed, you’ll have to make a decision about what happens to the stump after the tree is gone. Stump grinding is the process by which the arborist removes the stump to below ground level. This is especially helpful if the stump is in your yard, and it needs to be restored to lawn condition for mowing. Leaving a rotting stump in the yard will also lead to insects such as carpenter ants, earwigs and termites.

We encourage homeowners to strongly consider stump grinding once the tree is removed, so they are not an eyesore in their yard or an obstacle to mow around.

Stump Grinding Capabilities

Can remove any sized stump or major surface roots from your yard. Our compact grinders can access your yard through a standard 36” gate to allow access to hard-to-reach backyard stumps.

We usually grind down to a depth of 4 to 6”, enough to install topsoil and seed. We can grind lower if you are replanting a tree in the exact same location. Normally we leave the resulting mulch, however for an extra charge we can remove the mulch, put in topsoil and seed to re-establish your lawn faster.

Advantages of Stump Grinding

  • Aesthetic Improvements

    A dead tree stump makes an otherwise well-kept yard look neglected and unfinished.

  • Space and Utility

    Leaving a stump in place makes the area of the yard mostly unusable. That means less space for play area, parking, and entertaining.

  • Ease of Mowing

    Once the tree is down, grass and weed growth will increase around the now sunny base of the tree. The hassle of mowing and trimming around the stump is a huge consideration if it’s part of your lawn.

  • Disease and Pests

    A dead stump attracts all types of pests, like termites that enjoy feeding on rotting wood. These stumps are also susceptible to fungus and disease that can spread to nearby trees.

  • Stump Sprouting

    It’s a common occurrence for new tree sprouts to emerge from the stump, supported by the existing root structure. Frequently the cut portion of the trunk weakens the sprouts and introduce disease to the new tree sprout. Stopping stump sprouting requires chemical treatment.

arborist running stump grinder

What does stump grinding look like?

A stump grinder looks like a massive circular saw attached to a giant mower. It’s a machine that is driven through the yard to the stump while the operator walks behind it. Once the machine is running, the blade rotates like a saw and grinds the wood into mulch. The operator guides the blade back and forth across the top of the stump while standing behind a protective shield. Typically, a stump can be completed quickly depending on the size.

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