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The Centurion Tree story began in 1978...

… when John Miley built his first home in Perry Hall and installed a wood-burning furnace. Removing dead trees on weekends with a friend for firewood quickly grew into a business. It wasn’t long before John retired from Bethlehem Steel and Centurion Tree Experts became his full-time job.

John’s wife, Dianne, started managing the office and through the years has given our customers confidence in our services and always finds pleasure in assisting them.
John’s son, Tim, has been active in the company since he was 10 years old. Starting as the “gopher,” Tim has excelled in all positions, from dealing directly with customers to operating our 28-ton crane.

John and Tim providing East Coast work for Hurricane relief. We travel to help other states in need to clear debris because of the hurricanes.
early tree service truck
The first Centurion Tree truck.
Centurion Tree Service John Miley & Son
John Miley and son (now business partner) Tim.
early tree service crane truck
The first Centurion Tree crane, a 1990 Ford.
early chipper equipment for tree service
An early chipper truck, an upgrade from the first truck.
early chipper machine for tree service
Tim Miley, age 8 on an early "whisper" chipper.
tree uprooted in road - jarrettsville, md
Hurricane work in North Carolina during Hurricane Fran in Raleigh.

Meet John

You’ll meet John when he comes out to visit your property and provide an estimate for tree services. John will help you understand any issues he identifies in a tree, and will present options for solutions for managing the tree.

His expertise in tree diagnosis is unparalleled – you’ll be amazed at his eye for detail and discovering tree health problems most tree companies overlook.

John Miley inspecting crown of tree
standing under tree trunk

Meet Tim

John’s son Tim joined the team at just ten years old, acting as the “gopher”. Tim has since developed into a second-to-none climber and equipment operator. His speed, excellent judgement, and precision ensures that projects are completed quickly yet safely. Our customers often compliment Tim’s ability to manage difficult, dangerous trees – “He makes it look easy!”

Tim MIley on stump following treee removal - Glen Arm, MD
Stump following tree fell in Glen Arm, MD

TEAM Effort

Our skilled crew and office administrator work together seamlessly to accomplish projects with efficiency, speed and safety. We work together as a team with top notch communication and respect for our customers so they have a great experience with us from start to finish.

Centurion Tree Experts Team Photo

A climber's perspective


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