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Maryland's Most Trusted Tree Experts

Protecting Your Home and Enhancing Your Property

As leading tree service experts in our industry, we’re here to offer you personalized service.

With decades of experience Centurion Tree Experts stands out from the industry because of our interest in serving customers at a personal level. That means assessing the property, understanding goals, and educating homeowners so they can make the best decision for managing their trees.

We are a family owned and operated business, serving Baltimore County and Harford County for over 40 years. Our track record of 5-star service and safety is demonstrated by the long-term, trusting relationships we have with our customers.

Cutting Edge Equipment

We have the best equipment in the county. Our state-of-the-art crane and powerful chipper give us a tremendous time and efficiency advantage over competitors.

Highly Trained Crew

Our professional team of arborists are trained to climb trees and operate machinery with precision. Their priority is to protect your property while getting the job done safely.

Speed & Cost Savings

Our experience and equipment make us the most efficiently operating crew you’ll find. We’re often able to get jobs done in hours rather than charging full day rates like many companies do.

Emergency Service

If you’re in an emergency situation where a tree has fallen on your home, vehicle or driveway, we will adjust the schedule to respond to you as quickly as possible.

about us

Owner-Operators, Father and Son duo John and Tim Miley are two of the most talented arborists in the industry. You'll meet John when he arrives at your home to meet you for an estimate, and you'll meet Tim when he brings the equipment to conduct the work. Together they run their talented crew with efficiency and precision while making safety paramount. You won't find a stronger partnership and mastery of tree work than you'll see in these two.

John and Tim Miley

Sleep Better Knowing YOUR TREES ARE SAFE

As you hear a thunderstorm rolling in, the thought of that precariously leaning tree keeps you from falling asleep. It needs to be dealt with, but you are nervous about calling a tree company.

You’re concerned about them ripping you off, damaging your lawn, destroying your driveway, and leaving a mess. Poor communication means you don’t know when they’re coming and if they have the right equipment or manpower to get it done safely.

By contrast, we will make you feel comfortable at every step along the way. From the initial consultation, until we leave your home, you’ll be well informed of why, how and what needs to be done, and the schedule for completing of the project. You’ll be fully prepared and treated with professional service.

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Get Started in 3 Easy Steps


Call or contact our office online. We will gather your info and set up a time and date to meet with you for 10-15 minutes and walk through your property.


When we meet you at your property we will review the work you’d like to have done. We will advise you on approaches to dealing with that tree or others that might require attention. If you want to move forward, you will receive a proposal to review, and following signature, you will be added to the schedule.


Within a week or two of the projected work date, we will finalize the schedule and help you prepare for our crew and equipment to arrive and complete the job.


Contact us to request an estimate.